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Drug Treatment

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Drug Treatment

In February 2006, BIJAM had established a drug treatment centre in Birgunj for the first time and has been continued from beginning to end by UNDP/ DFID. BIJAM realized that in the fight against the spread of HIV & AIDS epidemic it is essential not only to provide services to drug users to prevent infection but to provide an opportunity for drug rehabilitation. Rehabilitation & treatment process has been widely associated with the prevention of HIV infection because it helps injecting drug users (IDUs) to decrease the frequency of injections or to stop their drugs taking habits altogether. As drug-injecting habits become less, there will be fewer drug-related risk behaviours, which in turn lead to fewer exposures to HIV. So BIJAM established this to offer the medical, psychological and behavioural support that individuals need to stop using drugs.


  • To minimize the drug taking habit specially amongst injecting drug users to prevent a concentrated epidemic in the Nepalese community through behaviour change intervention and care & support. 

The objectives of the project are:

  • To provide a local drug treatment service to IDUs to lessen the risks of contracting or transmitting HIV/AIDS.
  • To create an enabling environment, at the local level, for IDUs, so that ex-users they can re-integrate themselves in the general community.
  • To strengthen the referral network for accessing care and support services and to maintain contact with drug users.  
  • To increase the network between local and national organisations.