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I used to pull rickshaw in night and use drug in day. I realized that choosing drug was my wrong option.


"Treatment centre has taught me new definition of life."


I was a person from a reputed family. I was good at study and obedient to my parents. I had a company with friends who used to chew tobacco and Gutkha and I started using in their company. My life was moving on the same way. There was girl from Darjiling studying in the same school and we fell in love. We always stayed together and I had decided that she will be my life partner. I shared my parents that I wanted to marry that girl and want to start doing some good work. Listening to this my parents opened one CD parlor for me. I continue my CD parlor and study too. My parents were happy looking at me doing all this. One day I came to know that the Girl to whom I had loved a lot left me. I felt like I am only one person in this world. I continued staying alone most of the time. My friends asked me the reason for being isolated and not talking to anyone. They were the friends with whom I had started chewing tobacco. They had started different kind of drug. They used to take more than one hour taking drug. I was inquisitive about this and I could not control myself and started using drug. After using for the first time I felt like I was in the different world. I had good time pass using drug and felt giving relief to my agony.

When I did not have money I took money from my parlor and used drug with my friends. Gradually I could not continue my study due to drug taking habit. I spent all earning of my parlor in the drug and spending most of the time in drug seeking and money in purchasing drug I closed my shop and spent my most of the time in drug. I did not find anything good except drug. Now, after closing parlor I did not have any source of money for drug. I used garment of my sister and mother to manage money for drug. I did not find anything replacing drug in my life. I had become a dishonorable person in my society. I got nick name “Miker” and “Burglar”. I used to any kind of work to manage money for drug. The family which had loved me a lot started blaming & cursing me saying this kind of son will gloom their name in the society. Slowly, if any kind of burglary took place in the society, community people came and asked me about the activity which is not my deed. I was caught once and sent to jail for 6 months.
During the stay in Jail, I had decided that I will stop using drug and be a good human being in the coming days. When I returned from, nobody believed me and myself could not avoid using drug. I had thought that I will die using drug. But by big brother got myself engage in one job. I started using drug but I did not like anything in there. I worked for 10 to 15 days and left that place taking my worked money from there.

One when I was going to sell a cycle of my family member for money for my drug. I was caught by police and they inquired me about the cycle and took me to District Police Office. I was in the sick of taking drug. I was nailed in hand. I ran away from there, having nailed in hand. I went to Delhi, India and started using drug there. I spent all the money which I had in drug. I searched for work but I did not get. I had not recognized anybody there to help me out. Finally I contacted in a Rickshaw Garage and started pulling one there. I was not known to the streets of Delhi. So, I used to pull rickshaw in night and use drug in day.

I was fed up with my life and came back to home in Nepal. I changed my place but the behavior was not changed a bit. I continued using drug and managed money for my drug in the different way. I was again caught by police and put in custody. My family did not care about me, even if I was in custody. I thought that there is no one in this world for me. I realized that choosing drug was my wrong option. But this was too late for me to sense so. Suddenly I heard that somebody have come to meet me. I was surprised to hear that somebody has come. When I went there, I found there was Milan Dai in front of me. He asked me about my interest about the drug. I felt like I had something good in my life that God sent Milan Dai as new hope for me. I thoroughly became ready and shared my feeling of giving up drug and be a good person in my life, if I get one chance. He purposed me for the interest in Drug Treatment service.

I did not know much about the treatment service but I wanted to changed myself, I became ready. They called my mother from home. In front of my mother they released me from police custody and took me to drug treatment centre. Initially I did not understand that what was going on in the treatment centre. Gradually I started feeling good. The ways which counselor brothers had shown gave me new meaning for the life. The treatment centre has taught new definition of life. I will try to walk in the path shown by the counselors in the centre. At present I am working as volunteer in the treatment centre and share my feeling with my fellowship.