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Subba Jung Subba

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They planned for my marriage hoping that I would be changed. But the result was on contrary to their expectation.


"I knew the new path…."


I am a guy belonging to middle class family. I was very good at my study when I started using drug everything turned upside down. I passed my days thinking about how to manage money for the drugs. When I could not manage money for drugs I stole money from the place where my parents kept. With the money managed I used to take drug and feed friends as well. Day was not the same all the time; similarly my parents came to know about the drug taking habit of mine. They planned and decided to marry me to a sober girl, hoping that my behaviour would be changed after my marriage. But the output was on the contrary to the expectation of my family members. I knew that I was being selfish owing to drug taking habit. I had not seen anything except drug. Though, I knew that the path on which I was moving on will take me to nowhere else. I wanted to quit using drug but I was unable. I prioritized drug than the person who brought me in this world. Now, I can realize the strength of drug. What kind of mess I made owing to being powerless in front of drug. When I was admitted in the drug treatment centre showed me the real face of drug that whatever I did was all because of being unable to stand against it. My counsellor helped me a lot to understand the reality. I got chance to work in the treatment centre. My life was moving with the sharing and making aware the fellowship about the drug. I applied in the vacancy opened by BIJAM. I was called for the interview and selected as a Warden for the drug treatment centre. I am working with the relation whom, I had broken during my drug using time and working to be rehabilitating in the society. I have realized my responsibility and loyalty towards my family and the organization working. I really thank BIJAM and its counsellor for giving me the new definition of life.